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I'm Maria Leontieva
I am a graphic designer and illustrator with over 10 years of experience.
Some of my projects
Printing for restaurants
Jewelry illustrations
Illustrations and layout
my projects
I have been working as a graphic designer since 2009. First hired: a creative agency, a large printing house, a garment factory. Then independently as a freelancer. Now I take private orders, paint at events, collaborate with agencies, own several print shops.
Among my clients there are well-known brands, large companies, as well as private individuals.
I am interested in working with everyone.
illustrations for the last 5 years
clients over time
my activity
My Clients
Customer reviews
My favorite
The most frequent orders for me are the development of printing materials.
I also work with outdoor advertising, branding, websites and illustrations.
Clean and clear design of designer handmade jewelry from materials from around the world
NOOSA jewelry catalog
Attractive design for a fast food cafe: outdoor advertising, packaging and printing
Design of the friteria "Pythagoras"
pencils, markers
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Printing and layout
Unique design
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NFT Paintings
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My last
I do not have an exact price list for my services, since illustration is not a craft, not a conveyor belt, each case is individual, and the cost may vary from stages and volume of work.
Terms of cooperation
We discuss the final goal of the project and conclude an agreement that describes the processes for achieving this goal, study the needs of customers and solutions of competitors, generate ideas, assemble a mood board, develop a technical task, I create an illustration.
Copyright in any case remains with me. I give permission to publish my illustrations on the web and in print in up to 1,000 copies. If you plan to use illustrations in packaging or as a print in mass production, then the cost of the license will be added to the cost of the illustration. If necessary, I publish the results of our work nowhere and sign a non-disclosure agreement.
Copyright and license
I registered my activity and honestly pay taxes. I will provide all the necessary accounting documents for your company.
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