You can find me in social networks as myleontieva
Illustrations & graphic design
My name is Maria Leontieva
I am a graphic designer, illustrator, teacher at the School of Commercial Illustration.

I live in the south of Russia, for more than 10 years I have been working remotely with clients from all over the world.

I drew sketches for the London Musical Theater, characters for the video clips of the group Glitch (UK), took part in the development of the Greek Goddesses premium jewelry collection, developed and released several collections of women's clothing under the Vivo Fashion brand, sold dozens of painted prints for manufactories from all over the world. I collaborate with invite-only platform Wonderstreet*.
My illustrations work successfully both in large businesses and for private clients.
How to use?
I draw high-quality portrait and object illustrations in the author's style and with imitation of living materials: watercolor, oil, acrylic, pencils.
My offer
As my tests showed:
- illustrations in the "watercolor" style increase the coverage by 4 times
- oil illustrations - 8 times.
They collect a much larger number of saves and comments, which has a huge impact on account promotion and audience loyalty.
All my illustrations are digital. This means that not only is it easy for you to make edits, but they are immediately printable. If the need arises, I can make up the entire layout, my experience as a graphic designer for over 10 years allows me to cope with layout of any complexity.
Packaging, postcards, certificates, stickers, brochures and flyers - unlimited use cases that open up new ways to communicate with your audience!
2. In printing
1. In social networks
I can paint portraits of specific people on tight deadlines. Online and offline, at events, as an event illustrator.
You can add portraits of your favorite clients or bloggers to your product packaging.

These bonuses can be timed to coincide with specific events or advertising campaigns.
Just imagine, your best customers unpackage their next purchase, and there is their personalized portrait! Publications with sincere delight in social networks and a demonstration to friends are guaranteed!

The level of elaboration of the portrait depends on the quantity and timing.
3. Increased loyalty.

4. Advertising illustrations

I know firsthand what banner blindness and ad fatigue are. Even the most beautiful photographs can be overlooked because the market is overfilled with them.

Sketches or illustrations attract a lot more attention and can dilute an endless stream of perfect photos.
I run an expert illustration blog where I post my work and customer stories. The average monthly coverage of my posts on Instagram is over 100,000. You can get additional attention of my subscribers with a bonus to the order.
My main audience:
wealthy women over 30 from large cities of the CIS countries.
Influence support
5. Simple about the difficult
Illustrations are able to convey any information that you want to convey to your consumers faster and more clearly.
IKEA has almost completely got rid of text in its furniture assembly instructions - illustrations only!
I do not have an exact price list for my services, since illustration is not a craft, not a conveyor belt, each case is individual, and the cost may vary from stages and volume of work.
Terms of cooperation
We discuss the final goal of the project and conclude an agreement that describes the processes for achieving this goal, study the needs of customers and solutions of competitors, generate ideas, assemble a mood board, develop a technical task, I create an illustration.
Copyright in any case remains with me. I give permission to publish my illustrations on the web and in print in up to 1,000 copies. If you plan to use illustrations in packaging or as a print in mass production, then the cost of the license will be added to the cost of the illustration. If necessary, I publish the results of our work nowhere and sign a non-disclosure agreement.
Copyright and license
I registered my activity and honestly pay taxes. I will provide all the necessary accounting documents for your company.
Customer reviews
*Wonderstreet is an invite-only platform for artists and provide tutorials for beginning artists. One of the tutorials I always advice to people who would like to learn how to draw is this one:
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