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Secret stories
Every person's life is a unique and invaluable experience. Many events in life can make us scream with happiness, gasp in pain, freeze in anticipation, forget how to breathe with delight. We share on social networks what we ate and where we went to rest, because we are afraid to tell the huge community about what is really important to us. We are afraid of condemnation or misunderstanding. But some stories burn in our hearts, pop up in our thoughts, forcing us to live them again and again. And the last thing you want is for these feelings and emotions that have arisen as a result of the experience gained to disappear altogether.

What if I show you a way to preserve your most powerful memory, multiplying the experience of it?
I am an artist who paints your stories. I am a highly empathic person who lives your stories in my emotions, and draws everything that was felt. I save the resulting result in the blockchain as an exhibit in the NFT collection. Thousands of people will learn about your story, while you can maintain your complete anonymity, and even I will not know your identity.
Emotions to blockchain
About author
Maria Leontieva – the author and creator of project. Artist from Russia, graphic designer, illustrator and blogger.
Maria works in digital oil style, paints with acrylics. The originals of early paintings are kept by art collectors in Europe and the USA.

The purpose of this project is to allow you to express your deepest and most rending feelings through art even you can create something yourself.

Tell the world that life is more amazing than any fictional story.
You fill out a questionnaire and share your story
You can keep your anonymity and not name the participants in the story, or you can make it so that everyone knows them!
I choose the most impressive stories
I know that every story is valuable, but due to the large number of people who are interested, I will first of all consider the most extraordinary and impressive stories. If necessary, I write it again for a comfortable reading. You may not be a great writer, just tell it the best you can.
Create an NFT from a painting and your story
I paint the picture the way I felt your story, it defies discussion and editing. The description of the painting is compiled from your story.
I stimulate sales and interest in the collection
I am promoting on Twitter, I have a large number of fans on Instagram
You get a percentage of the sale of the painting NFT
An opportunity to earn from several hundred to several thousand dollars
You can choose not to remain anonymous and to promote the collection if you are a famous person with a large audience.
Story requirements
It should be written concisely and clearly, avoiding unnecessary details.
It must be unique and impressive.
It shouldn't talk about serious violations of the law.
She should not offend the feelings of any living person.
She must not reveal the identity of the people involved.
You should indicate the physical features of the participants in your story so that the illustration matches your feelings and memories.
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